Good Morning HOLY SPIRIT....another testimony about this amazing product... all weekend I worked at the club that Ashanti plays Volleyball, standing on my feet the whole time, and yesterday when i got home, i just stopped in the kitchen to cook my dinner, well by the time i finally sat down my ankle was on FIRE!!!! I took a pain pill but it did not help, then I remembered  my cousin, my go to when i need wisdom, Antania Taylor had sent me some more "BLACK GOLD ELIXIR", I begin to rub that stuff on that ankle and with in seconds I was all good, no pain at all!!! Forget Asper Cream, Icy Hot, Bio Freeze and get you some BLACK GOLDEN ELIXIR!!! HIT UP MY COUSIN Antania Taylor and tell her YADDI DADDI sent you!!! Thanks Young Wise One!! Love youTanya Moss
Tanya Moss
I’ve been using this combo for a few months now and when I say the aroma will make you violate yourself I tell no lies...Antania Taylor you most definitely did your thing love ❤️ check her out y’allAshley Stott-Williams
Ashley Stott-Williams
Antania, this Black Gold Elixir Oil is the answer!!! I don't know what is in it but baaaby, after using it, the soreness in my shoulder is gone completely!!!
Wishing you much success!  Keep doing what you do, sis!!!
Pamela Lofton
Pamela Lofton
I have to tell you about this pain/muscle relaxer product that Antania Taylor produces!
I originally purchased this elixir to relieve the pain in my husbands hips (he had two hip replacements) but I decided to use it first on my back.  Now when I first used it I thought, I know that did NOT relieve my pain that quick so I kept it moving and used it again and got the SAME quick relief. I decided to take it to the retreat with me and this is where the story gets really GOOD.
At the retreat we do a lot of walking and I do mean a lot of walking and we are  constantly on our feet.  Mrs. Karen had knee surgery and she walked with a limp (you can see her using a stick to assist her as we did our morning energy around the entire lake).  I told her, I had an elixir that may relieve her pain. As we were doing our evening/morning wrap up, she begins to rub her knee and gets this look on her face...I ask what's wrong and she says (and I quote) "I know that pain did not go away that quick"!   She did NOT limp the rest of the time we were there, nor did her knee hurt.
Side note:  Babe gets rubbed down with it and he says it definitely works as well!
YES, this stuff is better then anything I have purchased on the market!  She uses all natural ingredients and the cost is affordable.
You need to purchase this product, if you are needing a muscle relaxer or pain reliever.  You can also read other reviews on this product on her page.
PS....Mrs. Karen picked up her bottle today and was truly excited.
Beatrice Beverly
Beatrice Beverly